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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>mark: 24 hours around the bay area not dealing with the aftermath of the major storm take a look of some of the damage as we look at storm track four will show you more rain about the will for sure the bulk of the storm. >>darya: above that million- square-foot as san francisco suffered a huge power outage to consider the big christmas tree was dark law hundred thousand people lost power and cooling it kron 4 is good to be backed up and running. >> james: will share the
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love everyone on the air this morning this is what i am saying on storm track before it is was a bit quieter, bay compared to yes the than we still have ran out there just offshore it will not be as widespread it will be heavy every now and then you might get a pocket of pretty heavy showers here was a quick look at where we are saying our feature cast for will walk into the time in seven and the mourners and scattered showers 11 perhaps it will intensify in the north bank in the test with the model is predicting san francisco might get a touch of it as well by three in the afternoon kids are getting out of the school adjutancy
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is beginning to come down a bit as we head toward the end on this evening it would die out rather than nicely at come back as it is seen with an update on your forecast to have a more long-term view. >>darya: his life was under 4 ft. of water. >> jackie sissel: things are little better on a strong was down 37 the water is still in place on highway 37 at the close of was my 37 and is a lot on a mass famine it is a chapter that is being taken off went from 37 and taken on to atherton you have the law also a one lane road or 2101 and get back on 101 navato it is because of flood and yes the
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day it was awful lot and not meant to clear and highway 37 or so flooding all along not only on 37 but no one of the connectors were closed and have not been able to get the water cleared out again so everyone coming in from lake help the backed the bill in fairfield area there will be a backup no indication exactly how soon it will open and up for someone that a shallow was line 37 and maybe a long commute. >>darya: let's check in with rabin and get the wider picture. >> reporter: several has got to talk about good news from this time around had a problem with letting it acid started yesterday and that the traffic during yesterday evening's camille and spilled over into the night and to the morning commute. the good news is all lanes are open now for 101 both north and south the university avenue and highway 34 stop and go for a northbound ride as you work your way out apollo also
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hint to the same loss selectively still lingering there. the check the color and overturn 11 south and south san francisco and is still blocking the two right lanes will be calling this morning as you work your way you to stick with highway 280 instead checking you're ride into san francisco writes on here at the bay bridge toll plaza into small the across the upper deck in the pay date. >> reporter: this because of mechanical problem there was no service line #civics center in the commission since it was in the mechanical problems there our lawn the closers in the flooded in the bt a delays in the south bay. >>mark: the roof of a safeway caving and. >>will tran: the good news is no one was injured the bad news is this is a very popular safeway in the
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meantime the lights are off behind me going people here at all levels of security guards are crisscrossing this place to assure people cannot go inside on top are listed the roof came down how big was the whole house about 50 ft. and let's show you the video the big news is they knew that the roof it was not looking good and the reason why is because there was a crack dole is already happening the managers and size that evacuate people before the actual collapse one person was injured at a foot injury during the evacuation how that happened we do not know. even though everyone evacuated or lead the fire department to the rescue teams they went to intimation no was inside the good news is no was inside after the evacuation the
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walls could collapse as well. >>will tran: this is one big chain market is not only a safe shutdown both sides of this business shutdown they want to evaluate if those places are safer the customers. >>mark: as far as a lettuce outages are on the bay area pg in the work it through the day and night this announcement of 400 people still up without power and the bay area widespread small houses are addressing right now sentences will to customers with no power 500 still on the peninsula in several different colleges. is there a little out as having the that affects lives of people buy is when they're more than 300.
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>>darya: everyone heads back to class this morning and having yesterday off this navato and sunset this is all school districts are canceled today rubble fullest freight at our website at kron 4 that come. >>mark: more snowfall in the sierra to that this is a redundancy visibility close to zero and a little warning has been canceled but there's still winter storm warnings watch out if you want to drive off if you're a to than that continues until 10 this morning there are sale requirement of 50 and 80 thank for being a big part of our storm covers and the senate in your pictures this is some hills or.
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teniers pitch is the breaking news and kron 4 that come in and also test look in this is just. >>mark: will he sheridan on the air is part of our storm cards >>darya: was left of it for today a live look at our radar will be back with a forecast in your neighborhood and would love for the weekend in just a few minutes. i've been babysitting these kids for years. there's like eight of them - eight? maybe three. i don't know whatever. it's like really hard to keep track of them. it's a pretty big house. anyway, that's why i really love this nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. it tells you which room the smoke is in and tells you when things are getting bad. heads up - there's smoke upstairs.
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that's probably taylor. he's like so into fireworks right now. anyway, it's nice to- emergency - there's smoke upstairs. i should probably go. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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>> reporter: south san francisco in overtime crass the rapid up at the south city exit walk into lines of our allies crystal the southbound commit revenue in the midst no major problems out of hayward and fremont as low as usual from to 38 and heading south of highway 84 if you're coming out of the milky decide it dollar problem of flooding the three right lanes are flooded traffic are stills with it by in a to have plans only now has to decide to clear it so far no delays.
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>>mark: still some rain expected this morning of clan of the has a place in santa cruz which is falling a lot of trees weekend from the drought and what that and heavy rain was a lot of trees and the bay area/the the user one of the best bill is coming out of the storm. >>darya: kayakers this is the hills bird in the floodwater the kayaker from the russian air and is not a river industry but that was the case and not this kind of a risk of voting and severe weather. >>mark: a lot of damage to businesses downtown we're watching the storm while the majority of the baby over there still is the rain showers there is heavy rain down in southern california renown the heavy rain didnt
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a live look at malibu a mud slide completely shutting down pacific coast highway. will be following the storm in the effect that is low and south in this heavy rain in southern california and still have is no and the sierra. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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>>mark: storm covers continues a section of highway 1 and ran collapsing yesterday closing of taxes the mayor bill star rear rug and to say it could be until march before the section to please reopened to traffic is getting from one line to expect major delays. here is what look like us all want to solve san francisco. >>darya: is the grand avenue look as if all traffic move very slowly and high waters is alive now as we go to the weather and traffic while we say this a little wet pavement to open his emphasis of a bridge december silver is looks terrific. >>mark: highway 37 has
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reopened store the small land recall for sure time was from 37 just reopened. >> james: more rain on the way we have scattered showers and a forecast this morning with an occasional pot of thunderstorm you concede the the real return lessing those heavy showers those highlighted in yellow pad so precious self for more rain today the good news it will not be near is widespread or intense every now and then you get out of funds on the cause or open and the the start of the right here this at the bay bridge into san francisco
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and that is central california lugging their showers today as we have the sporadic off and on again showers 7:00 a.m. to cast 45 minutes still calling for light scattered showers that will you're saying right now intensified for the 11:00 hour and maybe even going down the sentences of getting imbedded my be indicated up on the storm be wary of that keep unarmed a handy. >> james: you're in the ride home to be just fine we prepare for an occasional of the fifties to low 60s it will lower after yes they bring in the cold air with it a brief dry spell
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saturday and sunday is up again monday into the as more cold air comes in with our next door that will be allotted storm not as much as an impact for us in this little yellow brick again coming next thursday unsettled weather pattern to the autonomy of a formal application and a great resource for him free for android and apple devices. >> reporter: no breaks for 101 to the southbound is still a hot spot because of overtime crash and flooding saw ride in the same area south 11 that the south city exit there's one way block the far right lane at one point the two right lanes closed. the drive times above the 21 minutes still hot spots still very slow no thought traffic is doing just fine if you're looking for alternate of how over
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to 280 and take that instead. estimate the south on a trip to hayward and san leandro union city stop and go all out toward fremont under they're still dealing with flooding in the three ride land that is not causing any northbound lanes. you may want to start 92 the san mateo bridge maybe even taken the art you're back the 2 west grand not buy into the maze was the fifth team and is across the bay, up from hayward in foster city and for those of you use in the golden gate is will involve the rex's the problem so far the rows are where the lead early get yourself extra time.
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>>mark: 2 was what all the storm drains. >>darya: the signs are warning drivers of the flood is delivered get there and lots of water ride to the wheels >> erica: it was different for everyone relies on all know puddles lot of people cannot have these areas will to see a fall of the rain from of yesterday and this morning as well as follows from the gas is in the hills bird yesterday was a mess for everyone freeways and into rivers and gutter's
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turning into fountains to solicit the man of reckoning is the kron 4 that come it also says the pictures to the kron 4 fence with an aids or to us at kron 4 news. >>darya: not smart team cover some of the storm after map the cleanup and the satellite and radar as it is right now where we are still getting it to rain this morning when arnold getting him a look at los angeles and scores ross occupancy a lot of heavy rain right now with more the forecast in a few minutes there's a livestock come to us from the pacific coast highway to the sea is closed because of the rain down infallible.
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>>darya: plenty of trees and branches have yet to be cleaned up today this trade went down in the 5100 block of land avenue to the sea they called it off to a problem in the richmond great article ended up. >>mark: to sink within the concrete patio and part of a home at luristan in their hair and a pop and i told her there in goals you heard a good grasp-glass and the
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backed break. you started hearing is separating and it fell apart with a lot of water still coming down the hillside right to cause more damage to his home while mandela with the storm's aftermath southern california is getting hammered by wind and rain you concede they have stripped the flooded with our mudslides power outages and flash flooding as well still ahead will track it listed in live look here at our record see there is a big yellow blob heading southward now we have got rid of the heavy stuff. >>will tran: talk about a
6:27 am
major cleanup in the aisles a roof collapse of the san jose safeway coming up out to you if anyone was injured by the manager got a heads up in a live report. >>darya: just about completely dry and cars are back as people had to work in school today will be right back.
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>>mark: the dollar futures are down on hundred and one. that would take it down to 17,004 a. >>darya: the sec a live look
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at the center several is planning a cars into any of visibility in that is terrific in this is one of the spots one of the traffic shot in the the worst yes to that is hard to even make it to at mid span is a second shot looks so blurry and the other area camera the camera on 680 could really make up the track for the rain was coming down so hard the early afternoon yesterday this blessing on storm track four. it is nice and calm way it is more rain on the way as you can see is not as intense or widespread as will we saw yesterday and it's time it will open up and get on you. i ran my ran off into the east that entire stretch of bread was city highway all one looking awfully wet this morning is bay also sporadic showers now and again like an answer may only be materializing do
6:31 am
not be surprised if it intensified lot of money into the evening nothing much to report is will we are sitting out in the pacific we're watching very carefully in a ribbon of yells perhaps the bulk of the coal for the we saw yesterday his was of a ton in the snow in the sierra and also heavy ran california. >> james: only part of ongoing story as the storm pushed through the rest of california today the second close look a will can expect this afternoon temperatures and going to be on the cool side whenever lot of our fifties and low 60s when i come back as 645 to talk more long-term debt is going to be a chilly night tonight in the class it was that unsubtle for the next seven days. >>mark: we're covering the aftermath of the storm the
6:32 am
of your big problem was highways 7 shutdown >> jame >> jackie sissel: guaraa air that opened at westmont 37 that had been close overnight since yesterday when the flooding shut down the freeway is now is that opened it is get the water from the roadway. on high with penicillin and the other probable any freeway here in the north they will pass along. >>mark: those under 4 ft. of water yes the afternoon >> reporter: has fought for by 11 and southbound is crawling to south san francisco we have problems during yes is the new it was flooding in and now the same thing and over time crass after that the good news is
6:33 am
the cross is wrapping up the are putting up and they're dealing with flooding the right lane is still blocked and that is why you're crawling will be a slocum the only south lawn of contract it is doing just fine will also take you into san francisco is busy only behind the pace on the bridge it will be fine once you get there is beyond was grant it stretches from the foot of the maze the drive times his but the up to 15 minutes we have a major a strange land for five minutes late because of track inspection work. >>darya: as 632 in san jose the roof of a safeway caved in because of the rhine with are doing today is in the immediate future to make sure no one gets too close to the building. >>will tran: not only to
6:34 am
have yellow tape to concede that our security guards park in front and have two guards on both instances just to make sure no one even thinks of going inside to grab anything because we do not know when the store will be repaired in that open for business the show you a video this happen at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in yes it was coming down really hard at that time the roof he cannot sustain all that weight of the news is there was a little bit of a crack that was taking place the managers and supervisors they saw was coming this started the evacuation before the roof collapsed where saltwater fish the foothold area one person was and did he or she and the different guarantee evacuation how that happened we're not exactly sure how you and is set during an evacuation is to see if it is orderly that person was treated and released to my
6:35 am
problem there is such a rescue team from the fire department they want to be absolutely sure so they went in with their search dogs no one was found this is to shut down in the immediate future the other part is not running at this point their summers cleaning of destiny to be done here is one to have to the employees were not exactly sure. >>will tran: the nearby businesses are not covered by safeway let's see what happens to them the reason there and at the end of this is one big change one bit long they're fearful something could happen to their businesses. >>mark: you're always told not to track of the flood waters of the trunk of his big enough time to live on through this man in his pickup truck with 36 its tires you see the water is really did that is a big truck and the that's the
6:36 am
have a cross is in that of the water was too deep and no one arrested him but a family member with an even bigger truck with 46 is tires to or at what to track the floodwaters the mudslide is always a fear with the storm is listed got the same in alameda county never met a mess for drivers as issam what rocks and debris in the area. >>darya: maybe a little fun to show us senate to breaking news at kron 4 dot com another easy way yuca seven on facebook if a tweak them to us and use the mobile application very easily stay with us as we continue to track the storm to where it is headed this morning and that is going down to us out you can see we have rain falling into san francisco area will be
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>> reporter: lies on your back up to the bay bridge toll plaza stretching into the main and not to the 580 and 80 connect it is an average i time 30 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco 33 minutes headed out of assets of all have a complete traffic check coming up in just a moment. >>mark: the strong this land is this latest from a southern californian who is a lot of luck for malleable it was shut down below must lie in amtrak temporarily suspending service because of the storm and the train
6:41 am
tracks along the right near the pacific ocean here in the bay area and a transit getting back to normal the mother reforestation back and running this morning than in the thousands of customers building nearby in downtown all at the close as well as send everyone home because of the power outage. >>darya: yes the went to the storm clears golf course on the cleanup rain and flood damage request and time as a little more than most was to play around it started again in the afternoon it and it was more flooding was not ideal conditions we have showers of sure beginning to
6:42 am
into the north bay and parts of the peninsula you're full forecast all more or and for the weekend coming up. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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6:45 am
sierra of that goes a 10:00 this one they're looking at another 10 to 20 in. of snow expected it out to them the sec to look at what our live camels this is from heavenly look all the snow they got there is still so great and renown at the ski resort coming up in just about 15 minutes will talk with folks that heavenly lied about the condition the problem is getting their if you're trying to get the right now because of the roadways are just full of snow that can barely keep up with that is hases/to live in those conditions. >> james: the buzzer liken this is therefore all along interstate 885088 however your side and to the mountain it was pretty bad you see the rain and snow were the rain turned to snow we heard people that talk to was talk about how it was running one second of the then it was no difference
6:46 am
carriage driving up to lake tahoe from all points now and the sex about 1:00 this afternoon with the 24 or 2 6 in. alyssum expected four to eight above $7 the fee that is will be expected for the tahoe area is best not to wait till tomorrow might get a better chance without having to deal with all of this chain requirements by the way they are in fact for the rain along just in case. >> james: that the impact and a search for the morning in the afternoon hours will lie rain falling in the east is well on the creek as you can see behind berkeley and oakland does it look at the sentence is the peninsular kenya see the light rain began to fall along the
6:47 am
peninsula coastline promotion because of the down toward half moon bay with the south bay not seen too much but intense hours is all sure we're watching very carefully we talk about san jose like the map and find out the rain we saw yesterday that storm system now hammering southern california in los angeles say intense hours video stores and even fox of read what we saw plenty of yesterday's of the have some intense hours if you're heading to the south when some time today this is what or when to run into the ready for it. >> james: of the fifties to low 60s it will be a cool day a lot of cold air behind it on the awfully close i we haven't seen low '40's like this in a while santa rosa 42 could be looking at 48 degrees for places like over
6:48 am
dell and petaluma. the ready for it if you have to get up and out of the house early you'll be dealing with chilly temperatures here is the seventh day around the bay for as they are a lot to track the mobile application of the great tool for you available for android and apple devices in a festival is free. >> reporter: finding out of the way we had flooding in the area and to overturn crash that as selling at a traffic light that is all the way blood at the traffic here stop and go back to candlestick all the out to the same it picked up will be a pretty good ride in the peninsula united to switch is sam sale by the traveler clear if you're traveling or have to travel on was about 80 no major problems is pretty slow so far is stop
6:49 am
and go and it stretches come out of the san pablo area to berkeley and san rebuilt. more crowding out their the nimitz southbound you have to make the trip out of hatred toward union city and fremont stop and go to 38 goes all-out war mission in the crews are still dealing with the flooding on a 80 northbound at dixon landing only one lane block not and never back the traffic and yet to go to that area make sure you reduce your speed around the bay area this morning because rose art but everywhere and you can easily spend also use extra caution. >> reporter: this is the mom on the 90 lots of red was city even as more you see how deep the water is well sale lot of residents
6:50 am
awaiting for a very deep water this in half an hour ago we saw one woman who turned into a home with the needy for adjusted this applies to our son to go to school this morning in redwood city fire crews did come here to help fire officials said the water reaches 4 ft. deep in some spots get enough that it is flood into some of the homes. four people were in fact it one resident whose home the nautiluses some people are staying at the command center shows that with a friend and therefore set up at their homes are still trying to run a was to stay here overnight they're still a big mess this morning we are in the process of reaching a to the office of mercy services to see if there any instance of a plan for this sort of, or is just a process will have the way for the water it clearly has receded a little distance incident is quite
6:51 am
enough left this morning. >>mark: there were busy clearing drains all they cruised the recipient to launch the service of including 29 foreign countries and three mudslides that started here on fixing on the block of skyline boulevard there were all moving impact in the mud back to the hillside with four line returns this down a road the models will limit its way out it is coming down, rolled we're turning it to send back some order. there was another mud slides before last night they were to clear most of the roadways they're protecting the rose in the area.
6:52 am
>>darya: to children are recovering at the a strong wind of the cypress street fell on a play on a levy of what was trapped under the tree for 15 minutes at the gateway school at euclid avenue before he was rescued and taken to hospital is not life-threatening injuries. she was hit by branches from the trip she was treated at the scene and released her family more heavy rain will with the bay area in its way into san francisco where track in the storm and was left of that the bulk of that in southern california when mudslides and heavy rain still some heavy snow up in the sierra a reminder about when a storm to live with fear at the bay grass back to work in back-to- school as the continues in the back room here at the bay bridge. start a revolution with nespresso.
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>> erica: dozens of photos coming in this morning from the rain from yes the day it started to rain iran announced on not agree your pictures come into the kron 4 news room to stop this war as a nice shot black-and- white ellis like is the sea or river know that as someone streets. the water line halfway up the ladder predictors' these are from the bay area since what you have to breaking news at concord, and could also to assess your photos and kron 4 nose or posted to our facebook and paid. >>darya: let's talk or try to make the best of the storm system strong winds created huge waves yesterday a to 7 ft. in some cases so big and fat some local surfers cannot resist you have to paddle out to
6:57 am
set in venice of the ways and you cannot because you're working against the wind, 7:00 will show some of the baskervilles lead with three cars this short until it covered by flood waters will show you how they got out of their other said he is doing nothing and a picture of a famous football player wearing nothing but contends. >>stanley: the worst land has the bay in a long time and apparel december or july recess at the bay also our explain in an exhibition of people behaving badly.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>>darya: one way to get around them are ready reports about flooding into the vineyards that you for joining us more rain coming down the bay area the same storm in southern california. >> james: